Facebook Ad Automation for Car Dealership – Don’t You Wish Better ROI on Marketing Budget?

Facebook Ad Automation for Car Dealership: our cutting edge technology will keep you ahead of competition.

Let our AI (Artificial Intelligence) automated tools pull your car dealers inventory and create ads on the fly targeting only in-market buyers while keeping your costs down which automatically manage and optimize ad campaigns.

You can now forget about manually managing campaign spend or updating carousel ads, we automate everything to make it easy for you for the best ROI possible.

# Creates Ads
# Optimize Budget Spend
# Generate Quality Leads

It is an artificial intelligent (AI) technology based platform developed in partnership with a team at Facebook. It will automatically figure out what cars are drawing the most interest at the lowest cost-per-click and feature those ads first to drive costs down.

It automatically populates each in-market buyer’s Facebook news feed with cars they’re most likely to click on segmented by things such as body style or model of interest etc. Through our intelligent micro-targeting, ad click-through rates are 250% higher than industry average for a fraction of the average cost of Google.

If you are a Car Dealer or working with Car Dealers and if you wish to drive more qualified leads and sales at much lower costs than you might be spending now, then contact us for a demo.

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