On OurEffort Leads platform, you will have access to over 10 different tools that will not only make your business more successful in the long run but also make it profitable in the short run.

Here is a brief description of each of those tools that will make you a successful business owner.


Find B2B leads by uploading a list of domains or company names. And we will automatically enrich each row of your file with that particular business information.

(such as emails, company data, employees).

Which is crucial information as they can be your potential clients or customers.

Extract leads from professional social network:

With this amazing tool, you could find your potential customers from professional in a few easy steps. You will have to connect your business profile with the tool and you can start the extracting process with just a simple click of a button. And in no time you will have a list consisting of emails and profiles.

With this, you can automate the visits and the connection requests on a search of prospects with a personalized message. And also Engage with new leads.

  • Extract emails from Websites:

Another cool new tool on Oureffort Leads is the web extraction tool. This tool will extract the generic emails such as [email protected] or [email protected] and the phone numbers available on the home page and the contact page. You can give a list of domains that you want the tool to extract from, and it will do the job and give you a list of emails or phone numbers.

  • Email Campaigns:

Launch unlimited email campaigns from the lists you have collected, to get in contact with your prospective buyers and easily find your customers. No paid ads, not worrying about your ROI. Get into the inboxes of your potential customers. It’s that simple.

  • Analyze Websites:

Analyze the latest domains created on the internet and find potential leads for yourself. Find cellphone numbers and landline numbers from this amazing tool.

  • Chatbot for Business:

It is a robot that can keep the customers engaged by asking them several questions that you created. And it can also use the chatbot builder to create unlimited chatbots to capture leads on your website. The chatbot will speak automatically with your visitors to capture data from them such as their email and phone number etc. Captures leads and sends data to email, mobile (SMS) & Slack.

  • Email Discovery:

Find emails from CSV, things like the first name, last name, company, etc.

Find a single contact email manually

  • Social Widget Notifications:

Increase conversions by displaying notifications, Display smart notifications on your website to make your visitors see that there is a social engagement on your website.

By showing this kind of notifications to your visitors, you will boost your engagement by 40%.

While showing a notification redirect them to a specific page link to generate leads and make sales.

  • Online Reviews:

Get multiple widgets to choose from where you can display your website and service reviews.

You will, in turn, build your reputation and reliability giving you an added benefit of converting visitors into sales.

So you will be efficient in terms of managing your business.

  • API Integration:

With the help of this tool, you can easily find out the business emails eliminate the fake ones with the click of a button.

So then, you could make sure that you are still connected with your customers.

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