Almost every business arrives at a point where they need to choose if they could manage through multiple human resources or a tool that helps to manage all their social media networks for various day to day activities. Some of these include but not limited to:


#Manage Multiple Social Accounts from a Single Dashboard.

#Ensures You Never Miss Any Important Message or an Event.

#Quickly Enhance Posts With Creative Images.

#Simplified Content Curation Process.

#Schedule Posts Ahead of Time.

#Uniformity and Consistency Across all Networks.

#Monitor For Leads and Valuable Brand Information.

#Gives You More Time For Real-Time Engagement.

#Analyze Your Results to Improve Business Goals.

All these activities are not easy to manage by a single person and going to each network. That’s where we have a simple solution that helps you with multiple social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. right from a single dashboard making it quite easy and simple.

Please watch the video given below to see how the platform works.


Some of the great features:

Dashboard Home:

  • Here you can see all the social media accounts that you connected with our effort social media marketing tool.
  • It’s one clean screen to manage your social media handles and also view different accounts.


New Post:

  • Here you will make the new post that you want to post to your social media accounts.
  • By clicking the ‘OPEN IMAGE CREATOR’ button you will have two options.
  1. CHOOSE TEMPLATE: It is a great option if you have nothing on your mind and are looking to start making posts quick.
  2. SELECT IMAGE: Or you could just use an image/banner that you already have created.
  • After you have picked your image and edited them according to your requirements you should save and continue which will bring you back to the main screen, where you will get two options either to POST NOW or CHOOSE DATE&TIME.
  • Accordingly, with the option you chose, if post now then it will automatically post to the social media accounts you configured in the tool. And if you chose to schedule it will ask you for the date & time. And at that particular date & time, the tool will automatically post your scheduled social media posts.


Social Calendar:

  • Here you will have a visual representation of all your scheduled posts in the calendar form.
  • You can see all your scheduled posts for the current month, And if you want to see any other months schedule, You can quickly toggle to them by clicking on the “>” button on the top right.
  • And you can also see a day’s schedule or a week and a month’s schedule easily by clicking the respective buttons on the top left.


Image Creator:

  • Image creator is similar to the post creator, only except here you will get to create images or choose from already available images.
  • And after that step, you will have the option to either post now or schedule. And just like that, you will be able to post to your social media platforms easily and worry-free.


Social Streams:

  • Here you will be able to connect your social media accounts. You will have the option to connect both your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • And all your posts and images that you scheduled will be posted to these accounts that you’ve configured here.


Statistics Overview:

  • This is a fantastic tool in itself, Here you will have to choose the account from which you want to see your growth. And also the date range.
  • And this fantastic tool will fetch the data and show you the audience growth of the account you chose.
  • So this will give you a clear idea about your social media performance, either from Facebook or Twitter.


Message Research:

  • This is one of the most powerful features of our platform. Search for current news about your industry, trending social content, and relevant videos, then schedule the content onto your social media channels with a single click.
  • Various tools are included to help you research social content. Quickly and easily search for appropriate video content and post it to your social networks.
  • Search Google News for interesting and related articles, and post them to your social accounts with a couple of clicks.
  • The Internet has thousands of RSS feeds available for every topic you can think of. If you have a specific feed you refer to frequently, you can add them as saved tabs here.


Social Training:

  • You’ll find some useful guides in this section to help you get the most out of social media for your business.
  • So we ensure you get the best use out of our platform. Since everyone don’t use every internet tool, we were happy to add this section in our tool so it is easy for even beginners to start using our tool.


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